Agricultural Experiment Station


Mission Statement

The mission of the Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) at the University of California, Riverside is to discover and disseminate research-based knowledge to ensure an abundant and nutritious food supply, protection of natural resources, healthy people and communities, and economic and ecological sustainability for the future of California, the nation, and the world. The AES at UCR is part of the broader University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR), whose vision is to address the challenges to the state to ensure a high quality of life, a healthy environment, and economic success for future generations.

The AES at UC Riverside

The Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) at the University of California is located on three of the ten campuses, Berkeley, Davis, and Riverside. Faculty in many departments at UC Riverside, most in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS), hold appointments in the AES as well as professorial or Cooperative Extension appointments. Faculty with AES appointments conduct research and creative work as well as mission-oriented, translational research that has an ultimate goal of solving societal problems relevant to the mission of the AES. In addition, AES faculty conduct mission-oriented community engagement or outreach. 

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