Opening the World of Science

The world of science is a world of exploration. Perhaps you are excited about exploring that world for yourself. Maybe you're interested in CNAS because of the advantage it gives you for a career in one of the medical or health professions. Maybe you love math and science but aren't sure what direction to go in. Or maybe you've chosen a major but want to have some other experiences too. No matter which description fits you best, the CNAS Advantage is working for you.

Undergraduate students in the College have 17 majors available, with a total of 29 options or tracks. Click on the name of the major to get more information.



Undergraduate Majors

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Mathematical Sciences

Data Science

Options: Pure Math, Applied Math (with options/concentrations: General Applied, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Physics), and Computational Math.

Mathematics for Teachers of Secondary School

Options: Quantitative Management, Statistical Computing

Field Reseearch at Boyd Deep Canyon UCR Natural Reserve (c) UCR

Physical Sciences


Options: Chemical Physics, Environmental Chemistry, Chemistry BA, Chemistry BS, Chemistry with Education Focus

Earth and Planetary Sciences
Environmental Sciences

Options: General Geology, Geobiology, Global Climate Change, Geophysics



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